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Fish & Chips Fast Food Business Idea

Have you ever heard about fish & chips. Actually it is french fries and fried fish. So called English breakfast.

In Great Britain it is a very popular meal, and as for fast food it is really good.

To start this business in America you don’t need too much investments.

A small place for your fish & chips street food is more then enough.

But probably not all your customers will know what does it mean – fish and chips. That is why a good idea is to double this name from British English into American English.

Potatoes don’t cost too much, as well as fish. And that is why you don’t need too much money for a start.

But of course you need to invest some money into small kitchen, so you can prepare it really fast.

For the first time you can work on your own, and then you can hire some workers so they can do everything for you.

Different salads and sauces is a really good idea as well, and different sauces can make your business really unique on the American market of street food.

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