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Enter Into The Creator Economy

Several online platforms have recently raised funds to share creators, including Facebook, Instagram and Snap.

If you love creating content online and have something to say, the big tech platforms want to pay you to do it right.

Most platforms require certain methods before they can make money.

On YouTube, for example, the Associates program requirements state that channel owners “must be YouTubers in good standing, have 4,000 hours of public viewing in the last 12 months, and at least 1,000 subscribers” name.”

These restrictions help ensure that new accounts are not entered and try to improve the process from day one.

Adam Erhart, a marketer with more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers, said the time it takes to draw these signs varies from company to company and platform to platform. word.

However, content creation is completely under your control.

“Where you have options on a platform like YouTube is how quickly you want to create and publish your videos,” he says.

“For simple math, let’s say you need to post 30 videos on your channel to hit some subscribers and check the timestamp.

You have control over how quickly you want to get here; it can take a year, six months or even 30 days if you want to be crazy about it.

“Those first dollars are exciting and powerful because they provide proof that you’re doing something right.”

Erhart also says that a common mistake that new creators make is that they focus too much on creating content that is relevant to them, rather than what people actually want to watch.

“If you’ve done your research on what other types of videos in your niche are producing, you’ll go into the filming process with a clear idea of ​​what video you’re doing and why,” he says. “Many creators skip this step, so their videos fail when published.”

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