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Ecotourism Organization

Let’s talk about tourism, especially about ecotourism.

This kind of tourism deserves our attention for a reason. Every year ecotourism becomes more and more popular. This shows us, that people understand that ecology is very important, and lots of entrepreneurs make money on ecotourism organization.

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is one of the business lines that save nature from harm of civilization. Usually ecotourism is about traveling in the natural reserves which need additional financial help.

In general, it is an adventure of travelling in natural reserves.

So, let’s talk about this business in detail.

One of the main things of ecological tourism is lack of any vehicles. For example safari with jeeps is not an ecotourism.

So just walking in the field or in the forest is an ecotourism. Walking in the mountains, riding bicycles, kayaking, and gathering mushrooms and berries is ecotourism.

We can add much more to this list, but I am pretty sure, that you have understood the main idea.

What do we need to start such business?

First of all we will need natural reservations. And these natural reservations have to be really good looking. And of course you will need permits for such activity.

And we will need to make camping for tourists so they can have a rest.

We will need guides and personal for it.

We will need food and cooks to prepare it.

And we will need lots of other things. But anyway it is very interesting business.

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