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Device For Teaching How To Walk

Upsee is a suspension system, which allows grownups to use their feet as support for handicapped kids, and allow them to fell how people are walking.

During hundred years people with neuromuscular disorders had to rely only on wheelchair during walking. And lots of them had to spend the whole their lives in sitting position.

Not too long ago AMS Mekatronic has developed wheelchair Tek RMD, which reached really good success in its field.

With a help of this “wheelchair” people who suffer from neuromuscular disorders, without someone’s assistance can be in a vertical position, and this is really great.

For kids nowadays there is much better idea. Upsee – is a suspension system, with a use of which, handicapped kids can feel like they are walking on their own.

Because of this device kid can stay in vertical position and see just like everyone else, what is going on, and one can repeat the steps of one’s parent.

Despite that Upsee doesn’t give handicapped kids to stay vertical on their own, but it gives the opportunity to see the world in different way. For example they can walk with their friends and take their hand or give someone a hug and there will be no wheelchair in between.

Upsee costs about 269 GBP. But I am sure, that if you will invest in something similar, your business will succeed, and it is always good to help other people especially with different disorders.

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