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Creating Online Games

Gamers worldwide spend lots of time on online games, sometimes gamers spend hundreds of hours a month. Some people say that it is waste of time and money, others say it is a great market with big possibilities.

Lots of gamers are ready to spend their money for different weapons and equipment for online games, and it is a big possibility for business.

Because of high speed internet connection worldwide, there is no need to spend hours playing with computer, nowadays everyone can play with another person.

It is very easy to play with people worldwide, so there is no limitation of borders anylonger.

Nowadays internet is place of living for many gamers in 3D world of nonstop action.

Top online games have really good graphics and have millions of registered users.

There is a big difference between classic and browser oriented games.

It is much easier to get users for online games, but there are limits on graphics possibilities, and usually there is no sound effects.

More expensive regular pc games are much better and have no limitations, but it is difficult to convince customer to download and install game.

Monetization of online games.

Models of monetization are different. Sometimes it is easier to ask gamer to buy an account for playing game, sometimes buying of DVD is required. Sometimes add-ons to game cost money also.

Browser games is easy to monetize with the help of adds or on buying different game stuff.

To run such business you have to hire a group of freelancers who will be able to make everything right.

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