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Canteen For Office Workers As A Business Idea

Canteen is a good business idea, if you are able to make a good business plan and plan everything, you will get your investments back really fast.

Why canteen is a good idea? Because it is cheap and quality food for people who work a lot, and don’t want to eat in an expensive restaurants, or take a meal at fast-food place.

It is good and healthy food, and that is why it is always popular among workers in a big business center.

If you plan to open your canteen in an average city, then you need to invest about 300 000 dollars in your business.

First of all you need a good marketing analysis, and only after it, if everything is good, you can go to next step in the list of your business plan.

You must think about a format of your canteen, a way it has to look like, so called thematic style.

Then you need to find good furniture for your canteen and all equipment.

You need to find really good workers for your canteen, because workers are really important, because they will run your business, and they will be the face of your business.

And if everything is good in three years you will get your investments back, and start to earn really good money.

You will need to invest some money in marketing for a first time, but in a while your customers will become your best promoters, because they will tell their friends and relatives that your canteen is the best in a neighborhood.

And very soon you will just work with your customers without any investment into marketing.

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