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Business Idea: Vertical Agricultural Farms

Vertical farms are automated units that allow 70 types of vegetables, berries and salads to be grown indoors.

No soil is needed, as soil-free growing technology is used. Light, water and temperature inside the agri-farms are programmed, so the result is always predictable in quality, volume and taste, which is impossible to achieve with other growing methods.

Plants inside agricultural farms are not infected with parasites and diseases, as a consequence, no pesticides are used.

That is, we take from agro-farms organically pure, ripe to the point of removal on the bush. The equipment can be made and delivered to the customer as a household item (home agrofarms) or as an industrial unit for production facilities.

Taming the nature was not so easy. It was not possible to recreate the principles of natural growth within the agro-farm. We had to experiment with the water system, the light spectrum, the height of placement of plants, suitable fertilizers.

In the end we settled on the technology of soil-free growing on eco-soil. With this method it is always possible to predict the volume of yield, creating natural conditions necessary for the plant.

This makes it possible to grow fruits and vegetables on a small as well as on an industrial scale.

The line of home models includes 6 units, differing in the number of installed modules and the volume of the resulting crop.

The consumer is not required to have professional knowledge in agriculture, all settings are already entered in the installation and cannot be changed by the user. The owner of such a farm just takes the harvest and enjoys watching the process.

For industrial purposes, there are 3 types of agri-farms with 300 (28,800 seats), 500 (48,000 seats) and 800 (76,800 seats) sections.

And given the fact that the installation of industrial agricultural farms does not require the construction of a greenhouse – it significantly saves the budget of the region or a private entrepreneur.

Farm for 800 sections, which can simultaneously grow 76,800 bushes of seedlings, mounted in 2 months in Class A or B.

Implementation of the business idea

The idea of a modular system – 4 planting nests, which can be scaled by changing the volume of the agro-farm, was not born at once. Initially, the material of the housing, its size and shape were not clear to us.

The design of the module with a built-in drip irrigation system provided the ability to control nutrient and mineral levels, and made it easy to change growing containers.

For the housing, which had to be airtight to maintain optimal growing conditions inside, we chose durable composite aluminum.

The agrofarms use a phyto lighting system, the Rainbow Spectrum lighting system – special LED lamps with a finely tuned spectrum.

Natural biohumus is used as fertilizer, which contains a complex of nutrients and microelements and ensures stable growth and fruiting of plants.

Biohumus is fed to plants in the form of nutrient aqueous medium through an original irrigation system Dew 10 nano. With its help the humidity inside the farm is corrected and the dew effect is created, which ensures the correct development of grown crops.

The difference between industrial and home farms is the lack of a door.

The design of agrofarms allows you to grow different types of seedlings in the same unit. It is only necessary to change the working program and individual settings of light, temperature and watering frequency.

All these settings are changed in the administrator’s mobile app (i.e. the company, because we do not give this function to the consumer) in a couple of taps.

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