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Business Idea: Production of Car Shampoo

Many people who have looked for equipment and technology for the production of shampoos for touchless car washing have come to the conclusion that it is very expensive.

In fact, making car shampoo is a simple and affordable type of business. In the end, you get a high-quality concentrate that is used in almost all car washes.

There are quite a few varieties of car shampoos, but from my own experience, I know that there are mainly two types used:

regular concentrate (diluted 1/3 or 1/5);

Increased concentrate (up to 1/12).

At your attention there are small plants, which will allow by mixing in a certain and strict sequence of chemical components to obtain the output of high-quality shampoo concentrate for touchless cleaning.

The installation can be safely used, for example, in a garage, if you have 220 V and tap water (water can be brought even in cans). The process is not complicated, but requires a clear sequence of mixing the components.

The cost of 1kg of concentrate car shampoo for touchless cleaning Virtually all the chemical components can be purchased in your region.

With the help of this installation you can get not only auto-shampoo, as well as agents for dry-cleaning interior, cleaning discs, engine, rubber blackener, glass cleaner, antifreeze, antifreeze, toluene, solvents, and much more.

Ready to provide any information on making auto chemicals on this available equipment.

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