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Business Idea of Opening an Orchid Nursery in a Greenhouse

orchidThe business idea of ​​opening an orchid nursery in a greenhouse is a lucrative and profitable business.

Let’s see how to organize your own business for growing orchids in greenhouses.

Orchids are very unique flowers. Many American women like them.

It is possible to organize an effective business with a not big capital. According to experts opinion, 30-40 thousand dollars are needed to open a small orchid nursery.

For such amount of money you can build a greenhouse with an area of ​​about 540 square feet.

After a potential entrepreneur succeeds in growing orchids at home, you can start growing flowers as a business. It is advisable to work with an erudite grower who can provide you with a valuable advice.

However, if such a specialist is not reachable, you can go online and find out how to grow orchids on your own. An important rule is to maintain a certain level of temperature and humidity in the orchid’s room. In addition, the entrepreneur must invest some money in buying an automated water system.

However, the wholesale price of these flowers is rarely higher than 30-70 dollars. So this option for their implementation is not profitable for the owners of the nursery. Selling orchids on your own website can make you much more money.

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