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Business Idea of Opening a Watches Workshop

watches repairThe business idea of ​​opening a watches workshop can bring a really good income. I’ll try my best to show you how to organize your own business by opening a watches repair workshop.

Many people can make expensive purchases, for example, to enjoy a quality mechanical watches with a leather strap.

Sometimes, however, even the best mechanisms breaks down.

Therefore, people do not stop using the services of watches repair. Implementing the business idea of ​​opening a watches repair can be a source of solid income.

The success of such start-up depends on the location of a future workshop.

Workshop location includes shopping malls, department stores, and other places with a big traffic.

An area for ​​the future watches repair workshop should not be big.

According to expert’s opinion: to open a small workshop you’ll need to invest about 5 000 dollars or even less.

You’ll need to buy really good equipment for repair, but this investment is worthy.

The wider will be the range of workshop services, the bigger profit can be.

You can specialize in cleaning and lubricating of watches, replacement of parts, repair of minor defects and more.
How much can you earn by opening a watches repair shop?

A small workshop can earn up to 10 000 dollars a month. The initial investment in a project with a good fee can be repaid within 5 months.

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