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Business Idea Of A Pantyhose Vending Machine

There is no lady that doesn’t need pantyhose, especially if we talk about business centers and other places with lots of ladies.

Pantyhose sometimes tore in a bad time, especially before important meeting. And if there is a pantyhose vending machine not far away, this lady is your potential customer.

So good place for pantyhose vending machine is somewhere near business center, or a college, or trading mall.

Good idea is that this vending machine will be able to give change.

Such vending machine is not really cheap, but worthy, you will need to invest about 7 000 dollars in one such vending machine.

For a really good business you will need at least three such pantyhose vending machines.

Software of such vending machines can tell you how much products left, and if there is enough different sizes of pantyhose.

In one and a half year you will get all your investments back, so this business is very profitable and interesting.

Your stock can change according to preference of your customers, so you can adjust your stock and get much more profit out of your pantyhose vending machine business.

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