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Breeding Purebred Cats

Breeding purebred cats is not really easy business, and if you expect to make business plan and follow it, you will not be able to predict your profit, because this business is very specific.

Lots of us think that people who breed purebred cats, have lots of money and drive really expansive cars.

And it is true, because professionals of this business earn really big money, but you must understand, how this business works.

One small kitten can be really expansive and cost about three thousands dollars.

To run such business you will need a cat that will reproduce small kittens, and it is not as easy as you can think.

This cat must have all needed papers and documents and certificates, that will confirm, that this cat is a purebred cat.

And such cats cost lots of money.

Don’t forget about health of such cat, it has to be ideal, so kittens will be healthy and you will be able to ask for them really good money.

You must feed this cat really good, and you need to take care about certificates of her kittens, if you will need to go with your cat to different exhibitions, consider it as a must for your business.

All your kittens must have certificates, so you can sell them for really high price.

Don’t forget about farther of your future kittens, this is really serious. And this male cat has to have all certificates also. It is serious business, don’t forget about it.

You will need to find really good vet for your cat, and parturition must take place only in a vet clinic.

If you have too much kittens it is not a really good news for you, because cat will not have enough milk for kittens, and probably some of them will die.

After few months you can start selling of your purebred kittens, and you can earn really good money out of this business.

And lets be honest, if you don’t have such hobby as breeding cats, it will be a nightmare, but not a business for you.

You can invest lots of time and money in it, and after it you can have a small tragedy in your life.

If you have such experience, then this business is for you, if not, it is better to look for something else.

Actually breeding purebred cats is a hobby, but not a really profitable business, so don’t count on it really.

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