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Breeding Of Turkeys

Now we will talk about turkeys breeding as a business, what do we need for it?

Meat of turkey is very popular in America, and it is very difficult to find any meat store where there is no turkey.

The best thing about turkey is its weight, all butchers admit value of turkey meat, it is possible to make lots of meat products like smoked meat, hams and sausages of high quality.

Adult turkeys bear really good high temperatures, and it is very easy to bread turkeys in northern states. For two years one bird grows to thirty kilos, and lays really good and tasty eggs.

And there is always demand on tasty turkey meat, and it is very good for health for health also.

Growth Technology

The main difficulty is to grow young turkeys, but if you know several nuances, it will not be too difficult.

Room for turkeys has to be light and dry. It is necessary to have a walking platform for turkeys.

First twenty days little turkeys are kept in kages, in which it has to be unlimited access to water and food.

And after a while all turkeys are transferred to ventilated room.

A mat on the floor has to be clean and dry. In the morning and in the evening when the weather is warm all small turkeys are let out outside for a while.

For the first days of turkeys living it will be a good idea to add sugar to the water, to improve their digesting.


It is risky to breed turkeys, so before starting this business it will be really smart idea to learn everything before entering this market.

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