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Breeding Of Quails

Quails are not susceptible to lots of illness which can strike down other birds. And there is no need to make very big aviary for them. They can live very well in a small space, and it is OK for them.

That means that there are no big investments for the first time.

Nowadays this business is very popular in US, and you do not need really big investments for it.

This is a business not only for small farmers, but also big companies are already involved in it.


Demand on quails and quail eggs is very high, and if demand is very high, that means that business has to satisfy it.

For example Japan produces 7 million of quails eggs, and China produces about 70 millions of quails eggs.

Breeding for meat or for eggs, what business should we choose?

Breeding of quails is very similar to breeding of chickens, there are two business ways, first one is producing quails eggs, and second is producing of quails meat.

Quails eggs are mainstream right now and you will have enough customers anyway. But producing of quails meat is profitable as well, and maybe soon it will be very popular.

Of course you have to think about sales of your products, will it be meat or eggs.

Any way you choose, will it be meat or  eggs, you will have profit anyway.

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