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Breeding Of Dwarf Rabbits

As far as you know rabbits are very prolific, and they reproduce very fast. Only one female can bring about 16 small dwarf rabbits. Female rabbits can bring little ones the hole year round.

It is very profitable business, because dwarf rabbits are growing fast, and process of reproduction is fast as well.

Only in a month little dwarf rabbit will be grown up.

Breeding of dwarf rabbits

Rabbits are famous around the world because of their fertility, and everywhere where there are no natural enemies for rabbits their population grows rapidly.

We have to mention about this problem in Australia. Because of eight rabbits, that were delivered there, Australia has very big problem with rabbits right now. And still it is a huge problem for Australia.

As for making business, it is not so difficult as with birds, but still you have to figure out everything before you start.

Fertility of dwarf rabbits is a huge plus for business, and it is very easy to get your money back very fast, and there is no need to invest huge pile of money in it.

You have to count how much food you will need, and how to keep all cages clean and dry.

To keep dwarf rabbits clean is very important, because even small infection can ruin your business very fast.

But anyway there are much more pluses in this business then minuses.

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