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Boiled Corn For Sale As A Business

Corn is really cheap, and lots of Americans like to eant boiled corn, it is tasty and good for health.

You can start your small business as boiled corn seller.

You can sell it in the same way as lots of people sell ice cream in a hot summer day.

What do you need to start this business?

Not much actually.

You will need corn, special equipment for boiling corn, nice showcase and small fridge where you can keep your boiled corn.

And you will need a mobile stall for selling boiled corn.

For all this staff you will need less then one thousand dollars, and even school boy can run such business, because it is not difficult at all.

You can sell boiled corn on the street or near business center where you will find lots of hungry customers.

Boiled corn is popular during spring and summer time.

One portion of your corn will cost about couple of dollars, and if you will have enough customers you can earn even more then two thousands dollars per month, and for such low investments it is really good result.

So this business is really cheap for you and can bring lots of money.

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