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Beauty Salon For Animals As A Business Idea

beauty salon for dogsThe business idea of ​​opening a beauty salon for animals is not the easiest, but quite profitable. So let’s take a closer look at how to organize a beauty salon for animals.

When you become the owner of a pet, all your attention and warmth is devoted to this pet.

You are ready to take care of it, feed it and do everything possible to make the animal feel comfortable and satisfied.

This cute creature wants not only to wash and walk, but even decorate in different ways.

This is not only a fashion trend, but very useful for your pet. Of course, you can comb, cut, comb your hair, trim and file your nails yourself.

But not always pets allow you to do this, and such procedures still require the help of specialists.

In the salon, they know how to cope with the vagaries of the animal and how to perform the procedure correctly and sterile.

Firstly, pet beauty salons are very useful for the owners of those animals who attend exhibitions and various competitions, as well as for those people who are afraid to cut their hair or simply do not have time for it.

In the salon you will be provided with qualified care without any effort. And while your dog is getting a trendy haircut, you can make important calls or go about your business.

At this time, your dog will be trimmed, washed and combed.

She even gets her teeth cleaned and her nails filed.

How to start a business on the services of a beauty salon for animals
First of all, you need to find a decent room in a crowded place, it is best if it is located near the central part of the city.

It is also desirable that there is parking near your salon.

For such a purpose, a 3 or 4-room apartment located on the ground floor of a residential building may even be suitable.

An even better option would be a place near the veterinary clinic, but only if they do not offer the same services as you.

The best idea is to rent an apartment for a year. During this period of time, you will be able to gain a foothold in the market and find your regular customers.

Further, after analyzing the situation, you should decide if you stay in this apartment or rent a smaller, or larger one.

Rent, depending on the region and city, can very.

If you do not want to rent a room, then you can arrange a mobile beauty salon.

Then you can use a minibus to re-equip it and be able to come to your customers on a call.

It will be very convenient for them.

But in order for such a business to be successful, it is necessary to stick advertising on the bus, paint it with bright colors, so that you can find additional customers in the customer’s yard.

Do I need a permit to open a beauty salon for animals?

Also, before opening a beauty salon for animals, you must also obtain permission from the fire inspectorate, SES, and the regional veterinary department.

What equipment to choose for a beauty salon for animals
A table that is designed for the grooming procedure.

Animal clipper and replaceable knives for it.

  • Straight and thinning scissors for grooming. Bath for washing.
  • Hairdryer
  • Combs, trimming knife, slicker, cleaver
  • Oils, perfumes, conditioners, masks, sprays and balms

In order to save on equipment, you can buy a used table and bath, but you can’t save on a tool, it must be new.
You will also need a few extra cabinets to store your tools. Well, do not forget to equip the waiting room, where the owners themselves will sit.
There should be a table and chairs, a coffee table, hangers, a TV.
Also, it is here that you can place a rack on which cosmetics for pets will be placed. In addition, you can additionally sell clothes for dogs here.
Animal beauty salon staff
As for the staff, you will need two masters to replace.

The ideal option would be if it is the masters who bring you their clients with whom they worked at home. Their salary can range from 20-30 thousand, depending on the attendance of the salon.
Animal beauty salon advertisement.

As an advertisement, you can order a large banner, which will contain information, photos, as well as prices for some of the services.

In addition, you can distribute flyers with advertisements or put them in mailboxes in the area where the beauty salon for animals is located.

How much can you earn at a beauty salon for animals
By providing a range of services for animals, you can receive more than 15 thousand monthly income.

You can increase the income by selling exclusive accessories for animals, clothes, toys.


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