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Autumn Business

There are lots of activities, which you can do only at autumn time. If it is autumn right now, we can do lots of interesting businesses.

Every year lots of autumn businesses grow more and more faster.

Ways to earn money in autumn:

Gathering and selling walnuts.

If there are lots of walnut trees around you and no one will stop you, you can just gather walnuts and sell them. Of course it is not really serious business, but you can grow your own walnut trees.

If you will make a really good farm of walnut trees, you can hire enough workers to gather walnuts and get enough money.

Housing for rent.

Maybe you can think that housing for rent is a good business anytime, but it is not true. You can rent housing to students, who do not have cheap accommodation yet, and you can earn much more then on a regular real estate market.

Of course you will need apartment not far from college or university.

Selling school supplies.

Really good autumn business is selling school supplies, you can sell it online or even to rent a place in a trading mall.

Gather leaves.

Maybe you’ve seen lots of school boys who gather leaves for a small amount of money, if you can make you own service with professional workers, you can earn lots of money.

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