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Artificial Amber As A Business Idea

Amber is a very interesting product especially for jeweler business. And jewelry with amber costs a lot.

But you can sell jewelry with artificial amber, and it this case jewelry will cost much less.

To make artificial amber you will not need to much money, and process of production of artificial amber is not really difficult.

And artificial amber looks same as original amber.

To produce artificial amber you will need turpentine resin, shellac and white rosin.

There are lots of videos on YouTube where you can figure out how to produce artificial amber out of turpentine resin, shellac and white rosin.

As for ingredients to make artificial amber, you can buy everything you need online, it is not difficult nowadays.

The best idea to sell artificial amber is to sell it online.

Lots of jewelers will be happy to buy artificial amber, and probably you will have lots of contracts really soon, because demand on artificial amber is really big.

You can even make your own online store and invest some money in Google Ads, and you will start to sell artificial amber much faster.

How much can you earn per month with a help of this business?

It depends on the number of your potential buyers.

If your online store will be really popular, then you can sell artificial amber really fast, and you can earn about one thousand dollars a month.

This business doesn’t need lots of investments and you can start making artificial amber in your garage, so to run this business you will not need big investments.

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