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Art Cafe As A Business

Cafe is a good business, because Americans like cafes, and they like to spend their free time there with friends.

Art cafe is a very interesting thing, everything is very interesting inside and usually lots of local music bands play in this cafe almost every evening.

And that is why such cafes are very popular in America, and lots of young people spend their free time there.

Lots of marketing investigations say that art cafes make much more profit, then regular cafe.

So art cafe is a very interesting mix of of cafe, bar, and music hall.

Place for such interesting cafe is very important, and the best place for it in the place with very low competition.

You should hire really good designer who will arrange inside and outside design of such art cafe.

And you need to hire all good cooks so your food must be really good.

And don’t forget about service, service must be really good and all your customers must be pleased with it.

Usually one minimum check from one person is about 20 dollars in a day time and 60 dollars during evening time.

This business is not cheap for a start, and you will need probably twice more money then you need for starting regular cafe.

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