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Aromamarketing – Flavoring Business Premises

There are lots of smells and aromas. Some of these smells are good and pleasant, they make person feel good and comfortable, for example aroma of bread, flowers, smell of pine tree.

Such smells stimulate activity, and help to struggle against depression and bad feeling. Good aromas awake really good memories and help to feel comfortable.

If it smells badly, for example if there is smell of cheap tobacco, wet clothing human want to go away as fast as it is possible.

I doubt that someone will buy something in the shop where there is a strong smell of putrescence or any bed smell.

It is very important to fill the space inside with really good smell, and neutralize bed smells.

That is why aromatization of business centers is very important, and almost every businessman understands it.


About 65% of all business centers in US have its own aroma, in Europe – 45%. Aroma marketing is a regular business in US, but not lots of people know about it.

Everyone has understand that if there are lots of people inside a building, very soon smell inside this building will become more and more badly. And of course it doesn’t help business.

Everyone understands that it is very important for designers to make really good smell inside the building.

Very important to think about smoking lounges and toilets inside business buildings, because of smells.

Aromatization of business buildings.

There are special aroma systems which call dispensers, you can buy it in regular shops or buy online, nowadays it is not a big problem nowadays.

Dispensers are easy to use, ecological, and they do not harm ozone. Dispensers have their own tuning and they can make fresh air almost in every business building.

This business is interesting and will always be in a big demand in America, so you can start it anytime you want.

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