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Anti-Hail Auto-Cover

American company Hail Storm Products made very interesting invention, they invented anti-hail auto cover. And it is very interesting and useful. Every year about 200 autos in US fall under bombardment of hail.

Some of the car owners who have auto insurance have no problems, because they get money from insurance company.

But some of car owners for some reasons do not have insurance. And it is a huge problem for them to repair their cars.

Maybe it inspired inventors to make such anti-hail auto cover.

The main advantage of this auto cover is that it can always be in the trunk of the car. And it will not need lots of room.

If it is needed driver can put on anti-hail auto cover on his car, and after it special mechanism will inflate enough air inside it.

This anti-hail cover can work with a use of battery of auto, or any other energy supply.

It takes about 10 minutes to open anti-hail cover. Because of the special app for smartphone can be warned about the beginning of the hail, and driver can open hover really fast.

Information about hail will be gathered from local weather station. This app will be absolutely free for owners of anti-hail hover.

This hover blows away rally fast, and driver can go on to place of destination very fast.

If you want you can watch video about this anti-hail hover:

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