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Airship Excursions As A Business

Airship excursions as a business appeared in Germany for the first time. And till now this business is very popular there.

One German entrepreneur Brian Holl, decided to reveal old legends about airships, and he has got lots of customers who were ready to give him money for airship excursion.

He liked airplanes and all staff that were near the sky and piloting. So airship excursion business was a matter of time for such person.

His wife wanted to become a pilot, but she had not enough height to be one, so she encouraged her husband to start such business as airship excursions.

And their dreams brought them to this business.

In 2006 Brian Holl tried to fly in the sky as passenger on an airship, and after it he decided to buy his own airship.

But he decided not only to buy an airship, but to run his own business in this field.

His airship Brian equipped with twelve places for his customers and made as much windows as it was only possible.

There ware even first class passengers places. And his airship used helium instead of hydrogen, so it was really safe for passengers.

But I don’t think that it will be too difficult for you to run such business in America.

You can buy airship and make a special cabin for your customers, you can include there everything you can only imagine.

You can even sell hot dogs there if you want, it is up to you.

You can charge about $400 for a person that wants to travel for a while on your airship, and you will get your money back really fast.

Such entertainment can become really popular, and you will be able to earn lots of money, because something tells me, that you will not have lots of competition in such business.

Anyway it is really interesting business, and you will get your money back in a year or two.

Americans like such entertainment and the price in $400 will not stop them, be sure about it.

There is not much entertainment like that in America, so you will be unique, and you will get as much customers as it will be possible.

If you like sky, and you like airships you will be happy to run such business, and this business will bring you not only money but it will make you happy almost all the time, especially if you are going to be a pilot for the first time.

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