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Add My Window.

house for adsshouse for adss Advertisement is always a good business idea. But unfortunately there is always problem with space for advertisement.

Did you think about your window like about space for someone’s advertisement?

You should, because in Europe this kind of business started already.

House which windows are really good for advertisement can be involved in advertisement campaign.

It is very interesting opportunity for your business, you can make your own company. And ask owners of the houses, who are interested in such activities.

First of all you have to figure out if you can legally do it in your State, and maybe you should ask a local lawyer to help you with all procedures.

After you are done with all permits, you can look for houses who will be glad to let you add advertisement on their windows.

Of course you have to pay them for it. So you have to make lots of paper work, and consult with lawyers how to arrange it.

And you have to find the way how to print  advertisements for the windows. Because all windows will be different.

So you will need good designer and good printing equipment.

It is very interesting business, because it is new. And you will not have big competition on your way to success.

You can add to spaces for adds gardens places before someone’s house for posting adds there.

So you are limited only by your imagination.

Of course someone will not like some kind of advertisement on it’s windows, so you have to think about how to solve such conflicts before they start.

And you will have enough customers who will pay you for your services.

So it will be a good idea to make some calls to local companies who can be interested in your services.

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