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1000-Dollar Bicycle As A Gift When Buying An Apartment

Huma Klabin is a new multi-appartment complex, and administration of this complex will give a bicycle which cost is 1000 dollars.

Buying apartment is the most expansive purchase for entire life. There are lots of companies which give different bonuses, and Huma Klabin gives a bicycle for 1000 dollars as a bonus present.

Situated in San-Paulu building will be in the center of special infrastructure developed especially for bicycles.

That is why it is a smart idea to have a bicycle if you live in such building.

The main idea of Huma Klabin is reducing of environmental pollution, and driving bicycle is a smart idea.

Of course there will be an infrastructure especially for bicycles and for people who like sports. And there will be lots of gyms.

If you have enough money and you can build such apartment complex, in future you can earn really good money.

Making money and help nature is mainstream today, and such complexes will be really popular in US.

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