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Breeding Geese

Lets talk about breeding geese, as about really interesting and profitable business. And let’s think, what we will need for our business.

Usually farming and breeding geese is a family business in US, but it is not really difficult, so if you are ready, you can easily run it.

A good idea is to make business plan before you start your business.

Breeding geese is interesting business, but you will need really good farm somewhere in a country side.

You will need about thirty square feet for one goose. So calculate how big farm you will need.

Ideal place for farm is somewhere near river or a lake.

Don’t forget that you will need to register your birds in veterinary clinic and probably you will need certificate for your geese.

You will need to buy young geese so you will need to invest something about $5000 in it.

You can take care about your geese on your own or you can hire someone to do it.

Equipment is necessary too, so don’t forget that you will need money for it also.

Geese are not unpretentious birds, so it will not really difficult to take care about them.

Cold is not a big problem for geese, so there is no need to invest really big money in your geese farm to make really good heating.

Think about feeding really seriously, but usually it is not very expensive, for a big farm it will be more than enough to spend about $500 a month.

Think about water also. It is also very important.

And of course you will need someone who will buy your geese. So find good buyers before you start your business.

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